Although they might not want to admit it, the New York Giants are in a rebuilding process. In a league where the current Super Bowl champion experienced losing streak the previous year, it is not a big deal to experience a busy transfer activity from the top competing teams.

What also substantiated this claim is that transfer by the Giants is long overdue. With their worst start to an NFL season ever, the New York Giant needs a quick turnaround. They have only won once this season, and the trading of both Eli Apple and Damon Harrison signals a change and possibly the preparation for a new era. Can they turn the season around? This remains a big question.

A 2016 first round pick, Elli Apple is a starting cornerback that has played relatively well this season since his move. Damon Harrison, on the other hand, is on a hefty contract and clocks 30 soon. This makes the two players expendable in the rebuilding process.

On Wednesday morning, Damon Harrison was traded to the Detroit Lions for a fifth-round pick. A move that signals a high probability of ‘for sale’ hanging around most of the Giants defense. What this signifies is that, for the right price, just about anyone is expendable.

It has been challenging for Elli Apple after joining the Giants. A suspension and couple of bench roles last year makes him far from the building block the Giants had hoped for. However, a player of his talent and a position that is hot cake makes him a valuable asset in the market. He was traded in New Orleans for a 2019 fourth-round pick, as well as a 2020 seventh-round selection.

Unlike Apple, Harrison is not so much considered as a building block due to age being on his side plus a massive contract. This is not to take anything away from the defensive tackler that has been playing well since he was signed in the 2016 offseason.

With a general manager that is in a “sell mode” due to poor results for the past two seasons, the big question is who is next in line for a trade. For the New York club to get more promising players in, they have to sell some of the underperforming players. The new general manager, Dave Gettleman is trying to overturn some of the players he inherited from Jerry Reese that has seen the Giants lose 19 of their 23 games in two years.

An initial approach by Gettleman saw the Giants sign primarily veterans and a recommitment to quarterback Elli Manning. This backfired massively as many of the free agents flopped, resulting in the Giants having a 3-13 season, tied for the worst record in the NFL season. A situation that was not helped by the poor form of Elli Manning, which might seem him go before the end of the season.

Gettleman has thrown in the towel, and it is time for an overhaul and a full-blown rebuild process.


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