There have been many ups and downs in their relationship, but Sean Diddy Combs and Kim Porter tried to be a unit always.

Kim porter was found dead in Combs who she has been with for many years. Her death was confirmed by a County Sheriff in Los Angeles. She was announced dead at the scene.

And according to many reliable sources, Combs was devastated and in shock over the whole news. As they were still every close after the separation and were co –parenting their kids.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane to witness all the important moments of their relationship

An uncommitted relationship

This couple started dating in 90’s and had their 1st child in 1998. They then broke up in 1999 and took it to court to fight for child support for their son.

Combs then started dating Jennifer Lopez before he patched things up with Porter again in 2003

Then they had twin daughter in 2006.

Marriage was never an option

In an interview that took place in 2006, Combs admitted that he was not planning to marry Porter any time soon, he knew she deserves better, but he wasn’t ready.

He said it wasn’t a reflection of how much he loved her but the fact that he was still trying to be a good boyfriend to her.

The final Break-Up

They separated there ways forever in 2007.

Porter said that this was the best decision for herself and her family. She said she wants to move forward with her life and her career. She wished Sean best of luck for his future ad wished him health, happiness and love in life.

She also declared that they would always be civil with each other and would co parent their kids.

Porter said explaining why she waited Combs to leave town before making the move and packing everything she had including the kitchen table, that she likes to be extremely dramatic. She wanted to make sure that Combs know that she wasn’t leaving for a day or two. This was a permanent situation.

Paternity Chaos

Porter admitted that their relationship got bad when she was still pregnant with her twin daughters and found out that Combs might have had another kid on the way with some other woman.

She said he wasn’t the first and only man who has cheated and had a baby outside a relationship but being a mother to two daughters, she simply couldn’t put up with that.

He told her about the whole situation but till that point she already knew. She told him she was glad he manned up, but it was too late to save their relationship.


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